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Spy on competitors

Is there anything more interesting than to know what is going on among your competitors? Most people will be more delighted to get a grab on such information. We will launch our new service Spy on Competitors in the end of September 2011. With this service you will get a monthly report telling what your competitors are up to. Our spy techniques are of course 100% legal. The features and services are still in its development and the list below will get updated. The report will include information such as:
  • What is the raning of your competitors in Google, Yahoo and Bing? What was their ranking earlier? Are their rankings increasing?
  • Estimated calculation on how many visitors are buying from your competitors and how they performed earlier.
  • How many visitors do your competitors have this month? Get a graph showing the traffic compared to earlier.
  • How many people are linking to your competitors? Is it increasing from earlier month?
  • Are my competitors using any illegal tricks to reach their ranking in google? If so what can we do about this?
  • What strategy is my competitors using to improve their search engine ranking? Can we benefit anything from knowing their search engine strategy?
  • How did my competitors website look like years ago? What changes is made through out the years? Get screenshots of earlier versions of their website.
  • How fast are my pages loading compared to my competitors?
  • Compare my site’s readability score to my competitors’.
  • How often is your competitor’s website getting updated?
  • Are your competitors stealing content from other websites?
  • When did your competitor buy their domains?