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Isn’t mobile internet for geeks?

The mobile internet has arrived for good. In 2008 10,8 million Americans surfed the internet with their smart phones on daily bases, a new survey was made in January 2009 and the result was amazing, the mobile usage was up with skyrocketing 107 % inside only 1 year and now reached a level at 22, 4 million. Similar growth has been recorded in other regions like in Europe and china. Forecast made earlier this year indicates that in 2013 there will be more than 1.7 billion mobile internet users worldwide. Back to 2005 Japan declared they now had more mobile devices assessing the internet than traditional computers. In March 2010 Google's European Chief John Herlihy sent tech bloggers into a tizzy with his prediction that "in three years' time, [desktop computers] will be irrelevant. Personaly I find it hard to believe the death of desktops, but the trend is not to be mistaken. Mobile Internet is the future.

Why dosent a normaly website work on a smartphone?
The smart phone is still suffering from usability problems, when it comes to surfing the internet, there are no standard for which coding languages a smart phone should support (flash, AJAX, Java Scripts, ect.), another problem is the size of the screen and internet speed, a normal website is not built for such small screen, and the coding languages require a prober internet speed to make the applications run smooth. To make the problem even more complex, different smart phones use different browsers. So what you will experience when you open your normal website is that it does not look like what it is supposed to look like. It actually completely disfigure. This is why websites in the current form cannot be used on mobile phones. But, now we are here to help you out, Our mobile website developers are having the right expertise in this field, and they will build a "Sister version"